Ever Considered Taking Foxtrot Dance Lessons?

The foxtrot is associated with the glitzy elegance of large dance halls with big band music. It is a sophisticated dance with movements which flow and sweep across the dance floor, and the objective is to cover as much floor in the room as possible. It is similar to a waltz, but the timing is slightly different. This dance was extremely popular in the late thirties, and was generally associated with the old musical movies with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It is still commonly felt to be the Rolls Royce of ballroom dancing and is still widely danced today despite the fashion in dance now leaning more towards Latin dance moves, but nowadays there are very few people who know how to dance it properly. Those who want to learn to dance it well have to receive foxtrot dance lessons from a good teacher!

The foxtrot is danced in distinctive movements during which slow and quick steps are varied. The motion is a slight rise and fall action and moves in an anti-clockwise fashion around the floor. Danced on a four beat, the typical steps would go “slow, quick quick slow”, or “slow slow quick quick”. The dance is to be done in a flowing movement and without any jolting movements. Tempo is also essential to the success of the dance, and it can be relatively difficult in comparison to other dance steps. Experts usually recommend that dancers first ensure that they can do a proper waltz before attempting to learn the foxtrot.

Advantages Of Taking Foxtrot Dance Lessons Are:

  • • Social:

    As two people are required to do the dance it can be seen as a social occasion. Dance classes are normally held with a group of people, and different dance moves can be learnt from difference dance partners. It allows you to meet up with friends or dance partners on a regular basis, and you can even meet new friends with mutual interests. It also gives you the opportunity to choose from a great pool of dancers if you need a date for an occasion where dancing will take place.

  • • Relationships:

    It is said that learning to dance can be a good remedy for a couple who experiences problems with their relationship. It requires both parties to co-ordinate their movements and to work together. It can improve communication and give the couple a common goal to work towards. The close proximity to the other person also helps to strengthen intimacy.

  • • Fitness:

    For those who would rather avoid a gym, it is a very good way to keep fit. Dancing properly can be very strenuous exercise and doing a quick foxtrot for a few minutes can be a good workout, keeping the heart and body strong. The movements required by this particular dance is also said to be good for sufferers of certain diseases such as Parkinson’s, as it requires a particular body motion and balance. Dancing can burn off calories, lower blood pressure and increase fitness levels.

  • • Stress reliever:

    Living with modern day pressures can be stressful and can take a toll on your health! Dancing is a fun thing to do, and it includes exercise and social interaction. All of these are reported to lower stress levels and increase endorphins, so the dance enthusiast is guaranteed to have a feeling of wellbeing and be in a better state of mind after a dancing session! Foxtrot dance lessons can also be very therapeutic and relieve depression.

  • • Self confidence booster:

    Learning a new skill is always a boost for the self-esteem and gives one a sense of accomplishment. Dancing is also something that everybody wants to do well and the dancer can be easily admired by others at dances. Learning to dance can also teach a valuable social skill, and can turn that little wallflower at parties into a graceful swan with a full dance card!