Fast Facts about Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Arthur Murray was a dance instructor and businessman who is still famous today for his dance studios and ballroom dancing instruction worldwide. When he was 12 he took is first dance lesson, and started teaching dance part time while working as a draftsman at age 17. He later pioneered dance instruction taught via printed leaflets with numbered footprints via mail order, and made millions selling dances of all sorts through this media.

Arthur Murray then branched out into franchising dance schools, and soon dance halls and hotels everywhere were teaching his dances according to instruction. Eventually there was hardly a dance hall or town in the USA that was not familiar with his name. The brand spread across the world, and these days there are 260 dance studios in twenty one countries.

Because the brand is so established it can sometimes be seen as an old fashioned company that teaches old dances and antiquated steps to older people. But nothing can be further from the truth! Arthur Murray franchises remain up to date with popular dances and teach people of all ages how to dance and have fun.

The instructors are talented and well-trained, and give one on one attention to their students. They are always interested to know more about the students and the particular dances that they would like to learn. In addition to the instruction led training there are also group sessions with instructors and practice parties where they can try out different dance styles with different people. People with varying skill levels can dance together and learn from each other at these events. This helps to develop confidence and new routines.

Dancing offers a really good workout and it is physical and rhythmical. It is a totally different experience to going to the gym and is a great stress reliever. To get started all you have to do is to take the first step! Call your local Arthur Murray studio to schedule your first lesson, and you could be dancing by tonight. Get some fun into your life – try dancing!