What are the Benefits of Social Dance?

Most people love to dance at parties and events. Dancing is usually considered to be an expression of self, happiness or an emotion, and if done socially, can be a lot of fun. But there are also more benefits of social dance.

  • 1. Social interaction:
  • Loneliness is a very common problem, especially in cities where people no longer live in tight knit communities or get to know their neighbours. Learning to dance gets you out there and forces you to socialise with people. These days it is hard to make new friends, but if you have a common interest such as dancing, you can meet people through events and classes. Dancing is fun way to become more social and to meet people with similar interests. It has been the saving grace of many newly widowed or divorced people, and is fun for people of all ages. When we have fun we laugh – and laughter is a great way to bring some feel-good vibes into your life!

  • 2. Physical Fitness & Health:
  • Dancing often require a lot of movement and is a great way to exercise. Some people prefer dancing to going to the gym, and clever gym owners have now included dances such as Zumba and Nia as part of their regular gym classes. Movement stimulates blood flow, increases fitness levels, oxygenates the blood and lowers blood pressure. It is also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. A great way to stay healthy indeed!

  • 3. Mental Health:
  • Not only is dancing a great way to remain physically fit and healthy, but there are also mental benefits to social dance. It is a well-known fact that any form of exercise reduces stress levels, increase alertness and releases hormones like endorphins that create a sense of wellbeing. It also allows you to be creative and to express yourself through dance.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of social dance, come and see for yourself. Book your complimentary session with one of our wonderful instructors at your closest Arthur Murray studio today.