Five Good Reasons to Start Doing Beginner Dance Lessons

Learning to dance is about a lot more than just having fun! Many couples and even single people have found that there quite a few reasons why they should consider taking beginner dance lessons.

Reason no 1 – Your wedding!

It is hard not to get inspired by the thought of dancing the first dance at your wedding with all eyes on you! Traditionally the first dance is a ballroom number, and not many people nowadays know how to carry off a decent waltz or tango! But now you can blow your guests minds by performing your wedding dance in a professional manner that will add glamour and panache to your ceremony! Take a few lessons with your partner and show them how it’s done.

Reason no 2 – Social

Those that are recently single, new in the area or got divorced will benefit from more social contact, and dancing is just the thing. It is a fun and informal way of meeting other like-minded people while you practice new dance moves. Arthur Murray even organise dance nights in addition to the lessons where different groups of dances with different skill levels can interact, share dance moves and learn from each other. Not to mention having fun in a social setting. No date required – all you have to bring is your smile, and all you have to do is to show up and have fun.

Reason no 3 – Physical Health

The health benefits of dancing are manifold – just like any other aerobic exercise it increases the heart rate and promotes fitness. The rhythmic dance moves calls for more flexibility and it can be a great way to lose weight or tone up! Some dance moves are more vigorous than others, and you can begin with moves that will not challenge you to beyond your capacity. It is important that you discuss your fitness levels with the instructor and that suitable moves are practices that will not overtax your body. Whatever your fitness level, your instructor will find the right moves for you!

Reason no 4 – Mental Health

When you dance or exercise, your brain secretes serotonin – the “happy hormone” – which helps to lower stress levels and create a feeling of wellbeing. The social interaction with others also increases the feel-good factor, and having a good laugh while you learn to dance can be extremely therapeutic!

Reason no 5 – A New Skill

Learning a new a new skill and how to apply it can give people a great sense of accomplishment. The mere fact that you are able to do something that you were previously unable to do make you feel good about yourself. Learning a new skill and being able to practise this skill on a regular basis is a great confidence booster.

Book your complimentary beginners dance lessons with your local Arthur Murray instructor today and come and see for yourself how much more enjoyable your life can be! We look forward to your call!