Good Reasons to Attend Private Dance Classes

Learning to dance, especially when it comes to ballroom dancing, can seem a little daunting. You may be a little shy, or not sure of your sense of rhythm, or perhaps you don’t have a partner, and you do not really want to dive head first into a group dancing lesson. The idea of stepping into a room full of dancers as a beginner may completely put you off dancing, and as a result you may never learn this valuable skill! Dancing is a celebration of life, and if you are too shy to attend group sessions, then perhaps you should consider private dance classes with a qualified instructor.

At Arthur Murray we have just the instructor and private dance class you are looking for. There are many reasons why our distinguished clientele prefer to attend private dance lessons.

Why private?

  • Increases beginner confidence:
    Not being intimidated by a group of dancers makes it much easier for the unconfident beginner to relax and to focus on learning the steps. It is just you and your instructor, and steps can be practiced over and over again without feeling that you are being watched or intimidated. There is also less noise and movement around you, which creates a learning environment which is not as busy and enables faster learning. As your skill level increases, so will your confidence, and before you know it you will be dancing in group classes.
  • Easier to learn:
    When you are an experienced dancer the hustle and bustle on a dance floor acts as a motivator, but when you are just starting out, this can be very distractive. Doing a private lesson creates a quieter learning environment where you can just focus on your instructions and your steps, without having to deal with external noise and movement of other dancers.
  • Feeling safe:
    As this is a new skill you may not think that you are very good at it, and you may want to be in a safer environment where you can try out your new steps and new movements without feeling that you will make a fool of yourself in front of an audience. Quite often when couples learn to dance for their wedding they want to choose this option as they don’t quite feel comfortable with dancing in front of an audience just yet. Once you have tried your moves in this safe environment, then you can move on to the group sessions.
  • One on one focus:
    Private dance lessons provide the privacy and focus that only a one-on-one session can bring. Your instructor will be focused on helping only you to dance, and nobody else. You have their full attention and you will be able to communicate with them about your steps and movements. Quite often the instructor will dance with you and give you the opportunity to experience an expert dancer, which can also give you confidence.

If you are looking for private dance classes, there will no doubt be an Arthur Murray studio near you. Book your complimentary session with one of your expert instructors today and come and experience the joy of dancing!