Good Reasons to Learn Ballroom Dancing at Arthur Murray

Learning to do ballroom dancing at Arthur Murray can give you a great sense of satisfaction only the way that learning a useful new skill can. If you find yourself without a partner or move to a new town where you know nobody, this is a really good way of regaining a great social life. Dancing at Arthur Murray is not only about learning a new skill, but also about interacting with others and having fun!

There are indeed many great reasons why you should learn ballroom dancing, including the follow three reasons:

  • Fun!
    Most of us think dancing is fun, except of course when you cannot dance – which gives you even more reason to do a few dance lessons! Even if you have never been on dance floor or had ever attempted ballroom, you will still have a good time. There are classes for all dance levels and dances, and the experienced instructor will assess your skill and fitness levels before suggestion a dance and programme that is perfectly suited to you. This can of course be adjusted as you get better and fitter. Most of all, it is fun to interact and to dance with others.
  • Health:
    Ballroom dancing can increase both your mental and physical health. Physically the movements and the steps keep you moving which speeds up the heart rate, and is very good exercise, especially for beginners, as it does not put strain on the back or joints. Advanced dancers perform more complicated dance steps which take stamina but is still fun. Many people would rather dance the tango than go for a run! The exercise of dancing also brings more oxygen to the brain and triggers serotonin – the feel-good hormone – and can decrease depression levels and anxiety. Learning a new skill also gives people a sense of accomplishment, and this is great for our confidence levels!
  • Alleviate boredom:
    Sitting at home alone makes people depressed and lonely. If you start your ballroom dancing at Arthur Murray you will not only find an activity you really like, but also something you can do during those hours that you would normally spend alone at home. It is also a great way of finding new friends with a similar interest.

Come and see how much you enjoy ballroom dancing at Arthur Murray by booking a complimentary session with an experienced instructor. What are you waiting for?